Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Flash Mobs - Flash Church

There has been loads of media coverage in recent weeks of so called 'flash mobs', groups of people arranging to meet at a certain location and do something out of the ordinary before fading back into the normality of everyday life.

Ipod discos, parties on the undergorund and even U2 got in on the act with an open air gig in the middle of London. MY personal favourite was the 'time freeze' in Trafalgar Square. These events organised through facebooks groups are pretty crazy affairs.

The other day I was thinking that it'd be a pretty fun social experiment to set up a 'flash church' or a 'church mob'. Where loads of Christians arrange secretly to meet to hold church in a shop, or in a pub or even in the middle of another church service. They could all turn up at one of these locations and a worship leader could whip out a guitar and everyone could sing a Tim Hughes classic before turning back and doing whatever they were doing before. The look on people's faces would be amazing. See you in Starbucks, Saturday 2.43pm

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