Monday, February 22, 2010

Garden & DIY

We have just finished our 24/7 prayer week, centered around 'Being Consumed by God in a Consumer Society', and we used the Argos catalogue as our prayer journal. The first shopping page is titled 'Garden & DIY'. This struck me in quite a powerful way. There is theology behind the statement. The placing of this as the first category in the catalogue and for how the the 'do it yourself' mentality resonates with the western lifestyles of consumption. Argos is, without realising, is referring to the Genesis story in its catalogue.

The headline highlights that the Garden is the first thing. Genesis says the same. It highlights the ideal situation, the living at peace with God, nature and each other in the Garden. The garden is life as it was intended. Argos plays on this reminding us of this desire as it advertises its stuff.

However, the headline also highlights that DIY, the independence and selfishness of humanity was also in the garden. Rather than living in relationship with God we chose and keep choosing to 'Do It Yourself'.
We turn away.

Furthermore, this title spoke to me of the western consumer lifestyle that results from this idea of 'Do It Yourself'. We shop to satisfy ourselves. We consume filled with greed, breaking the relationship with God and each other.

it would be awesome to find an image of redemption in the middle of the catalogue or even to find images of the new heaven and new earth at the end.


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