Monday, June 20, 2005

Hide and Seek

Life sometimes feels like we are playing hide and seek with God. We search and pray and set our heart on finding him yet he remains hidden and elusive, we know he is out there but where.

Jeremiah had the same experience. He heard God say "Am I only a God nearby,"
declares the LORD,
"and not a God far away?' - Jer 23:23

In fact Jesus seem to suggest that life is a process of seeking God. Jesus describes it as us seeking and finding treasure in a field, as a hunt for a precious pearl, or a search for a lost coin. But then the game reverses. Luke 15 describes God searching for the lost sheep and the Father longing and looking out for the lost son.

So is God looking for us or are we looking for Him?
Is he close by searching for our hiding place or is it God who is elusive and hiding far away?

In Eden as Adam and Eve turned against God they also hid. Humanity has been hiding from him ever since. Rather than seeking to live life in God's presence we sin and hide. We turn our back on God and withdraw.

One of the Things I love about Peter is that when he turns his back on Jesus by betraying him he does not hide. As soon as he finds out there is a chance that Jesus is alive he runs to the tomb. Peter goes looking for Jesus. Initially he finds an empty tomb and some burial clothes, later he comes face to face with Jesus. John's gospel concludes with Peter and Jesus re-finding each other. It is an encounter marked by forgiveness, love and calling. The same challenge is there for us. When we mess up our task is to find Jesus and encounter his forgiveness, love and calling.

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