Monday, February 14, 2005

On The Starting Blogs...

So this is my blog. This is where it all begins.
The day after the first Re:route/root away weekend, where so much happened and where out of nothing so much seems to have changed.
We set out to define ourselves a bit more. Look at who we are and investigate our identity under the CCYM Graceworks name and to simply seek God. So much more happened as we spent time delving into various aspects of God's grace - how much we need it, how we go about seeking, being and giving it to others - that the weekend blew my expectations. People met with God. People became excited about serving. Things some how feel different after that weekend, it feels as if God has taken us to a significant point in the CCYM journey. It seems we now have two options. We can turn back, not step out, not follow the new road that is stretching out before us, and stay on the ground we know. But if we do this we will miss out on the excitement and blessing that travelling towards God's heart brings. The other option is step out onto this new path and to see where it goes and simply see what happens.
It feels similar to what happened last year after Spring Harvest when those in our cell groups started seeking more of God and more of the adventure that comes with stepping out in faith. Looking back over the last year it seems incredible where we are now. Our daily plod has led us closer to God. There is a real difference in what we do, a greater degree of depth, we are a people seeking God now, before we were a group of people who went to the same church. Now we are a people journeying towards God's heart. We don't know where that will lead us, but have faith in the God who has called us through His Son and blesses us with His Spirit

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